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Stop hustling your whole life, design a life and business that serves you, prioritise your health,

gain more vitality, energy and family time while achieving financial peace of mind. 


When I was in my mid-30's I found myself broke, fat and stuck in a situation where I just wanted to be with my kids and yet have financial independences. So, I was in search for an opportunity that would allow me to work flexibly around my kids. Thank God for an opportunity platform, I started my online business with a social media post; with no money, no experience and an empowering and uplifting culture, I learned how to leverage my social media, work anywhere anytime from my phone, and unlock the blue print to time and financial freedom. However, I was suffering internally with a lot of fear, self-doubt and confidences. 


Matthew 6:8, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” Thank God who always know your troubles and who always providing, I stumble upon the High Performance Habits How Extraordinary People Become That Way book by Brendon Burchard and underwent a journey to personal growth. 

I observe, learn and studied how ordinary people, leaders and high-performance succeed in building and growing successful businesses. I realise they have a sense of energy, confidences, poise, grit, mental clarity, focus and courage that attracts success. This is one of the most important turning points in life that is to work on my health first. I embarked on a journey to lose fat and keep it off, embracing healthy-lifestyle with a long term vision achieving optimal wellness with age-defying perks. I realise that in the pursue of career, money, business, freedom we work so hard on the job and we neglect our health and wellbeing causes us not be able to reach our full potential, living our best life and discover the best you that aligns with our highest value.


Hence, I started Proactive Wellness Hub a health, beauty and wellness community that empowers you to do more of what you love, helping you prioritise your health, supporting you in your weight loss journey so you can achieve your weight goal, health goal; embrace healthy habits and have a set of beauty and wellness routine to improve your energy, vitality and confidences. 

Join me as I bring you along with me in this transformation, empowerment and growth journey to be a positive impact, differences maker and achieve work-life integration so you can create abundance, freedom and alignment, to unlock your drive to success and freedom!!

Living your best life and discover the best you!!

Jumpstart a healthier lifestyle

Your health, body, mind, energy starts with having a healthy body, mind and soul. Without proper daily navigation we can not function at our optimum with momentum and flow! 

Lose Fat & Keep It Off

Learn my 6-Key to Lose Fat and Keep It Off.

An effortless, effective and simplified set of healthy habits to help busy mums to transform and embrace a more energetic, fitter, leaner and confidences you!!! 


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Embrace a Life of Freedom in Every Areas of Your Life

I'm not just another weight loss coach, i'm all about embracing a healthy lifestyle, habits that empowers you to do more of what you love!!! It is a journey of self-discover, self-reinventing and self-mastery! 

As we ignite to redesign a life you love, we also grow together and bring it to the next height, from skin care, body care to be a differences maker, finding a deeper connection and purpose in life. 

Embracing a life of freedom in every areas of your life! 


Meet Lynnette 

In 2019, I reached a crossroads while running my home baking business. I realized that the long hours and stress were taking a toll on my health and well-being. Desperate for a better way to earn a living, I discovered a dynamic business platform that has allowed me to transform not only my financial situation but also my overall health, energy, and confidence.

This incredible opportunity has not only changed my life for the better but has also empowered me to help others achieve their own transformations. I am grateful to be part of a community that encourages personal growth, supports one another, and enables us to create a limitless future.

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