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Here's My Story...

In 2019, I found myself standing at a crossroads, trying to decide the next steps for my career. I was torn between expanding my home baking business or returning to the workforce. However, no matter what decision I made, I realized that I would not have the time freedom I desired to spend with my children.


As a result, I began searching for a better way to make money, with three main questions in mind. My search led me to a dynamic affiliate opportunity platform that allowed me to transform my health, wealth, and success story while working flexibly around my kids' schedules.

Now, my mission is to empower other like-minded moms to take control of their health, time, and income. Through this opportunity, I am committed to helping others unlock their drive to success, transform their health and wealth, and live their best lives.


Join me on this journey of discovering the best version of ourselves, while creating a fulfilling and successful business that serves us and leaves a legacy for our children.

"I wanted flexibility to work the hours around my kid's schedule. I had 3-money questions and I was really looking for a better way to make money. Thank God for this business opportunity, a proven system, supports and training, I'm able to transform my health, my money and success story but also help and empower others to transform too. Now, everywhere I go my business goes with me, I'm able to grow my income without the risk and pressure from a traditional business, build leveraged income and empower other mums too." - Lynnette Yeo

"Often, we lack clarity about what we truly desire in life or we're too scared to admit that we crave time and financial freedom. As a result, we lose sight of our priorities and lack the courage to pursue them, ultimately sacrificing the most precious gift of all - quality time with the people we love." - Lynnette Yeo 


My Turning Point.... 

My 3-Money Questions 

I had 3-Money Questions:- 

1. How can I accelerate my income growth given the 24/7 time limit. 

2. How can I create financial abundance with time & financial freedom, to payoff my mortgage quicker while creating an enriching life and provide more experience for my kids. 

3. How can I create cash flow while retiring with the quality lifestyle that I desire. 

So, I've Made a Decision... I was doing and learning at the same time.

I dive deep down into the rabbit hole of educating myself and learning from the best in everything that I could from the leaders and business mentors from the industry. I was curious to know what contributed to their success and how they seems to had figure it out building a successful lifestyle business that allows them to achieve time and financial freedom and more. 

Here's what I've learned... 



All Things About Anti-Aging Skin Care, Weight Loss & Wellness 


How to Earn Using Social Media 


Breakthrough to limitless growth

"I belief that success is when you can help yourself and others financially, physically, mentally and emotionally." - Lynnette Yeo

Empower People to Empower

Empowering ambitious individuals, especially mothers, to overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve financial independence is our mission at Eureka Success. We believe that every woman has the potential to break free from the guilt and fear that holds them back, and to create a thriving business that not only provides financial freedom, but also fulfills their purpose and passion in life.

We are dedicated to helping individual gain clarity on their goals, remove any obstacles and pivot from challenges, and learn the skills they need to succeed as entrepreneurs. Our aim is to nurture the next generation of millionaire entrepreneurs from the comfort of their own homes, all while prioritizing their health, wellness, and family life.

Our mission is to transform ambitious mothers into healthy, successful entrepreneurs who have the time and financial freedom to live their best lives, and leave a legacy for their children. By working together, we can turn your goals and dreams into a reality, and discover the best version of yourself. Join us in our mission to empower women to achieve their full potential, and make a difference in the world.

Together with my mentor - Karen Millers 

"Formal Education Can Make You a Living but Self Education Can Make You a Fortune." - Jim Rohn

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