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3 Things that is hindering your progress to turn your side-hustle or business on track

While it is important that we set goals in life and for your business as it's acts a purpose and directions for growth.

  1. Now knowing your numbers

Is your goals vague or are they specifics?

What I mean by specifics includes numbers or statistics and I know this can be so boring but without a clear understanding of my numbers it was exactly why I was unable to achieve the growth I was aiming for in my business. I knew I wanted to turn my side-hustle into a lifestyle business that replace my full-time career income, I knew I wanted financial abundances, earning $10k a month, reaching financial freedom but I wasn't taking the necessary extra actions that could get me and because I wasn't clear with the necessary actions needed to be taken and I wasn't clear with the numbers of sales needed to make $10k a month income. So, be really clear with your numbers, be really specific with your goals and work it backwards to daily task and/or goals.

2. Visualise your success

So, now that knowing your numbers, we can visualise the process of getting your success. If you can't imagine the process of getting there, getting the end results, you are unlikely to take the necessary actions to achieve the big goals. We are creatures of habits, and we mimic others, we learn visuality and if it's getting a mentor in the area of expertise and discover how they go through their day, have a feel how they operate their business and life and make modification that fits your lifestyle.

3. Not align with your values

If your goals are too big, you'll think it's too difficult to achieve, if your goals are too small, it's not challenging enough. It's important that we are very clear with the goal, how to achieve it and now believe that we can achieve it only then we will take actions. and if we are not taking the necessary actions to perhaps the goals is too far away it is difficult for us to visualise it to believe it, and if the goals are too small, it is too easy to reach we are not able to make enough progress. So, it is important we visualise the big picture, but we set goals that we believe it's challenging enough for us to believe it we can achieve it that aligns with our values. It is scary to take actions that are not the nom that we see in others to success but if we see it, practice it and believe it it. success is just around the corner.

To turn your goals and dreams into reality, it is important that we remove any fears we have in ourselves, find clarity and have momentum with actions. If you desire to turn your side-hustle into a lifestyle business so you can work flexibly from home using social media, book a FREE strategy call to find out how 8-Weeks Breakthrough Program can help you showup confidently for your business, get clear with your personal branding and create the financial abundance that you desire!

Empowering you living your best life's and discover the best you!

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