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This is a special place where I share my thoughts, my discovery and my learnings, some tips, and advice on entrepreneurship, leadership, self-motivation, financial freedom and more.

Hope it inspires you as much as it has empowered me.


5 pillars I Advice to Consider When Building a Million-dollar Business from Home

I always have a dream to have my own jazz inspired dessert bar. However, starting my home baking biz and with my previous work experienced as a pastry chef has made me think twice about going down the road of traditional business.

One of my money questions that I have was "How can I accelerate my income growth given the 24 hours time limit a day?"

However, I was feeling really torn because I didn't want to spend all of hours working and not be with my kids; I kept thinking there must be a better way to make money!!

Warren Buffet's quote was my trigger point that I must find another way then "work" to make money!! and I thank God for providing me a solution with an business opportunity!

Why I choose Affiliate Marketing Business

I guess, it would be fair for me to say here are the 5-pillars I consider why I choose to be part of a gig-economy / online business / affiliate marketing business. Yes it is flexible, you start from zero or with very low capital entry and revenue generator is quicker when you compare to traditional business. I belief affiliate business model is a good place to start for one to venture into entrepreneur or business specially from ground zero!

These are my 5 pillars to consider when venture into digital entrepreneur or affiliate business.

In-no-particular order, Eureka Success is a growing affiliate team!! and here’s some pillar for you to consider how we can help you bring your finances to the next level!!

  • Cost, expenses, revenue

- No/ low cost to startup; without startup fee, member fee, minimum purchase

- No fix business expenses like renting an office space, stock ups

- Instant revenue generator without waiting for years

  • Size and growth

- It's own anti-ageing research center with 75+ in-house scientist

- Growing over 50+ countries

- with SCALABLE re-occurring leveraged income

  • Brand strength

- Published work all around science journal

- Award winning products

- Appears in major magazines from all around the world, beauty, fashion, business, lifestyle

  • Financial strength and stability

- 5A1 D&B Rating

- Create new opportunity with social media

  • Support

- Eureka Success Getting Started Business system

- Global training from leaders all around the world

- Invest in your personal growth that includes your personal wellness, fitness, beauty, longevity

After an in-dept analysis of the 5-pillars to consider, now the most important aspect to look at the level of RISK!!

Not all affiliate marketing program is the same in these 5 pillars but at Eureka Success our partnership approach is - Give it a Try approach.

We designed a 5-days post system to give you get started in this biz, have you test this biz idea and see if this would be big biz idea for you!!

Is this too good to be true?? - low capital entry

- no traditional biz fix expenses

- scalable reoccurring leveraged income

Many has asked me why I switch my biz model, there are many reason but nothing gives me greater purpose then to empower others financially, wellness, joy, and the time to do what they love and enjoy!!

Discover more our 5-days Post Getting Started to give this business a try & see if this would be a big business idea for you!!!

Your success, freedom & joy awaits you!!!

See you at Eureka Success Getting Started!

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