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6 Ultimate Gift I Would Give to Every Mom

As a full-time mum trying to navigate the route of balancing a healthy family life and having financial independence and freedom seems like a dream. For some having a side-hustle from home seems like the the number choice to do in order to have the flexibility to work around kid's schedule. However not all side-hustle or business are the same and since my journey begin in 2019 trying to decode the secret to balance family life and financial freedom as well as time freedom, I realise this is the greatest gift that I can offer to you mums whose desire to have more choices and better quality life! And so here are 6 Ultimate Gift that I would sincerely like to give you mums out there!

  1. The gift of time

While most of us desire to have more money, after learning and exploring many successful business entrepreneurs, I'm always curious how they have time freedom!

Time freedom is doing what you like to do, whenever you want to do! You are in control of your schedule and your days activity to live a life you desire!

We often take for granted but time is the only resource that no matter how rich you are, you couldn't buy it. And after learning with so many business leaders from all around the world, I witnessed too many of us wasting too much time not knowing what we want or being afraid to admit our ambitious goal.

Let's learn how to have control over the use of time to increase our productivity, quality of life & the way we operate our life's & business to create value!

Whether is it the time freedom to

• work around our kids schedule

• work around sick parents

• work around our personal schedules

I want to give parents the gift of stop exchanging your time for money, teach you how to have leverage so you can use your time wisely doing the things that matters the most like spending time with family, friends & for yourself.

2. The gift of health & wellness

It seems really easy that we have restaurants and cafe around us and we can conveniently settle our hunger with a quick drive through, Uber eat, take away or eat in.

And that hot, comfort and freshly made meal at home seems time consuming, too much effort and inconvenience in modern go-go-go lifestyle.

What I have learned is Health needs to be educated & optimum health needs to be earned! It is crucial that we take time to work on our:-

  • Physical health - have an active lifestyle

  • Mental health - have a morning & night routine

  • Macronutrients & micronutrients

I like to call this having a healthy success routine to help us cultivate success habits to achieve optimum level of health but also allowing us having the capacity to work on other areas of life!

Health is wealth and is the foundation of creating extraordinary success and wealth in your life.

If you'll like learn more about losing weight and keep it off, achieve your weight goal & health goal to optimum level of health and improve the quality of life as we age, join us at Proactive Wellness Hub where I share premium, effective and time-saving skin care, weight loss & wellness solutions from home!

3. The gift of choices

Let's end this mystery of navigating motherhood while balancing work just to meet ends met! The first step to financial freedom is to claim the desire for it - wanting having more in life, to have financial independence & financial freedom and even better time freedom!

Financial freedom doesn't mean you have got to life a luxury, flashy lifestyle, personally it means two things

  1. Having peace of mind

  2. Having more choices

The ultimate roadmap to time and financial freedom is completely free for you to learn, join Eureka Success Getting Started & book a 1:1 Strategy call with me to unlock the 3-secret ingredients you need to breakthrough to ultimate freedom!

4. The gift of confidence

Sometimes we have a strong desire in our hearts to achieve great things but we are not necessarily equip with the courage that is needed to take massive actions working towards that big goal. We might procrastinate, overthink it, and no matter how many personal development books or program you've done, there is simply no alignment within us! We desire to have time and financial freedom, the best of both worlds but some part of you is stuck and you simple couldn't make progress!

My 8-Weeks Rapid Breakthrough coaching program helps unlock the drive to success & help you overcome all self-doubt and limiting beliefs that you might have and help you move forward even faster to turn your dreams into reality! Here's my gift for you, Book your 1;1 strategy call with me to find out how your current values can help you achieve extraordinary success, freedom & joy!

5. The gift of empowerment

At Eureka Success we believe the importance of education and the investment in people's growth, because we're about empowerment!

We believe that the empowered can, will and must empower others. Only the through the act of servitude that we get turn our dreams into reality!

This what makes us unique!

We want to celebrate your success and see you success at the top!

6. The gift of finding your purpose and fulfilment

Everybody has a story to share, to tell and it's the connection with yourself that can help you find your purpose and fulfillment along with achieving financial goals. Some of us have the ambitious of making more money but we might be ashamed to admit it as it might be seen as greedy, or money is evil and we've got to work on our money mindset which is another topic we can talk about in my next blog. However, if we embrace this ambition and desire to be rich, to be successful, to be a millionaire, to have time and financial freedom, we will discover the purpose and more fulfilled and you'll find that reaching this goal is truly possible! Here in Eureka Success, we believe as we transform our lives, we help others to transform too, that's the purpose and fulfillment we get from empowering others too!

That's why I created Proactive Wellness Hub and Eureka Success Getting Started, two powerhouse to help mums achieve transform their health, money and success story to achieve ultimate time and financial freedom, having financial independences and balancing motherhood to prioritize the needs of our kids.

If you're reading this, I would like to invite you to both my Facebook Groups and a FREE 20-min Grow My Income Strategy Call to discuss how I can help you achieve your desired results, turn your goals and dreams into reality and receive the blueprint for Ultimate Time and Financial Freedom Business Guide to achieve your financial goals. Don't wait any longer to take control of your health, income and time to create the abundances lifestyle that you desire!! Let's work together towards your success!

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