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Exploring the Wisdom from Within

Effects of Trash Talking About Yourself

It really shocks me when I witness someone trash talking about themselves even in a joking manner & it is more disturbing within the team!

I decided not to associate myself with it at all, at all cost but I experienced something else.

I was confronted with “it is very rude when you do not reply to text messages”

You see, I took a day off from work & I only informed my general manager. Two colleagues text message me, one was a genuine check-in to see how I was feeling; the other was “I've heard that you were feeling unwell yesterday. I hope you feel better now but if you have symptoms you should take a covid test and don't come to work until you get results and feel better. It's all for yours and everyone's safety. Thank you”

To-be honest, I did not wanted to response to any text messages, I just wanted to inform my manager that I’m not going to work, arrange doctor’s appointments, arrange Covid-test, spend my day with my girl & REST-UP. And that’s what I did!

However, returning to work & without any proper greetings, the basic social conduct here was so poorly conducted!!!!

If there was a proper greeting, and instead of saying “it is rude to not response to text VS Hey, just checking if you did receive my text & just wanted to know ….”

This portraits the qualities of a high-performance leader - someone who has positive energy that is uplifting others energy vibe & are able to influence others to be a better version of themselves Outside of work!!

Workplace should be more then just a place for us to just show up & deliver the job, but a place to uplift one-and-another on How we can perform this better!! Don’t just go through the motions but have an intention how can I make this person A better team player today!!

Instead of trash talking, create an affirmation the person you want to become!!

I have to admit I could have conduct myself in a much better manner but “i don’t give a damn of what you think of me” just pops up with the accusation!

There is an long term effect when we treat ourselves with respect, we will treat others the same too, and others will do the same too!!

STOP trash talking about yourself!

If you don’t respect yourself, how can others respect you too??!!

and It takes another high-level performance to response with grace & respect even we don’t agree - forgiveness is yet another chapter for me to practice & explore!! Brendon Burchard has a podcast episode on it & it just gave me another perceptive on it!! Thank Life for the lesson today!

I hope you enjoy my sharing today!!!

Remember STOP trash talks about yourself, recite your daily affirmation to be the person you want to become!!

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