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This is a special place where I share my thoughts, my discovery and my learnings, some tips, and advice on entrepreneurship, leadership, self-motivation, financial freedom and more.

Hope it inspires you as much as it has empowered me.


If You Don’t Value Your Time with (Your Goals) Something Else Will

Nir Eyal wrote a great article on If You Don’t Plan Your Time, Someone Else will. And it hit me that if we don’t value our time to

- exercise

- read

- cook healthy

- devotional

- spend time with kids

Something or someone else will replace that moment for us and to will be paying with a non-refundable, non-renewable resource - TIME!!!

Breakthrough is the word for 2022; as I seek courage to Breakthrough through simplicity, stripping things down to really basic, actionable steps to overcome procrastination, overthinking & fear.

I wanted to started with strengthening my walk with God as a Mum, as an entrepreneur, as a leader for my own life, my family, my team, my workplace. I started Daily devotional For Mums & Bubs sharing daily devotional from a few books I picked up.

As I plan to share it as a daily basis, without cheating of weekly pre-schedule. i find myself distracted without being discipline, or sensitive towards TIME.

Nir Eyal teaches us to not just have it in a to-do-list but have it scheduled in a time. As i want to do the devotional in the morning so I can share it on the same day at 8.30pm at night, I find myself not waking up as early as I hope for; distracted by social media or rather not prioritizing my time spending with Lord’s word.

Instead of scrolling the media, hoping to chase after false wisdom. Let us turn our distraction back to the Lord!!

let us learn to value our Time with the lord and let it not be replaced by something else or someone else but the lord!!

let us replace our time wasting moment with actual meaning discovery rather then chasing on social media.

as we step into the 3rd week of Jan 2022, what’s one thing that is distracting you achieving your goals last week?

what’s one thing you can change this week to help u take action today to improve your approach to help you achieve your goals!

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