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This is a special place where I share my thoughts, my discovery and my learnings, some tips, and advice on entrepreneurship, leadership, self-motivation, financial freedom and more.

Hope it inspires you as much as it has empowered me.


Is fear of Rejection the Reason You Procrastination & How to Overcome It?

Rejection can be hurtful!

and if only I knew - rejection is also part of being an entrepreneur’s bread & butter specially during your startup stage!

as an entrepreneur what you present is a vision, a goal, a dream. You might see the vision because of your current situation needs & others might not be aware of the need you present or as one of my leader always say they are not ready yet!

so, after a few attempts and few rejections fear starts to kick in & your focus starts to get distracted or your spirit/ your enthusiasm gets unmotivated!

i got really inspired by the book - The power of now, where it says Pain is Self-Created!

This may sounds really harsh seeing that you have tried and you really want to make this work and you have exhausted with your current resources but there is no growth, no sales, no leads.

I was placing my focus on a different direction.

I was focusing on finding solution to avoid rejection rather then learning to accept rejection as part of success. I shouldn’t say it was entire wrong move for all the research & learning was to really build my confidences. but what I realise is I should not be ashamed or feel like I have failed. If I only knew to accept rejections and kept moving it will help me avoid wasting time wishing I could do things differently or better! As rejection is uncomfortable and pain is self-created, we must learn to shift our mindset.

I love the book states - “living in the now helps you to avoid most of the pain … Being present furnished you with the strength to accept the hurtful realities of life rather than denying them or suppressing the painful feelings. You will truly be free, calm and peace in the end.”

I‘ve come to realise 4 things that helped me overcome my procrastination:-

>>> not everyone is my ideal client or potential leads!

>>> a rejection now is not forever, we can always try again!

>>> all we have to do is #keepshowingup

>>> always follow up

As we keep repeating or practicing #keepshowingup, unconsciously we are building that inner self-confidence and we’ll soon learn to ignore the rejections and focus on our next move, next task.

So I want to encourage you to just keep showing up for your business, for yourself!! And I hope this can help you overcome your fear of rejection, stop procrastinating and be the high-performance for your business & life!!!

Remember your success, freedom & Joy awaits you!!

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