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This is a special place where I share my thoughts, my discovery and my learnings, some tips, and advice on entrepreneurship, leadership, self-motivation, financial freedom and more.

Hope it inspires you as much as it has empowered me.


Learning to Let Go of the Good so You Can Say Yes to the Best

Today I‘ve made the courageous deciSion to retire from my home baking business His & Hers Desserts Table.

I was very reluctant to let go until something bad had happened that made me realise, letting go doesn’t mean giving up and is you giving yourself permission and make room for what is best yet to come.

If you are feeling in the season of your life where

- you no longer feeling motivated in what you do

- you are stretching yourself too thin

- you no longer feel you are reaching your maximum potential

I suggest you revisit your why and goals (both short terms & long terms) and if it that FINANCIAL VEHICLE no longer serve the purpose, it is time to let it go!

Winners Know When to Quit - Seth Godin

Smart winners know when to quit and they realise that letting know doesn’t mean “I Fail”.

I truly believe every project we inspired to work on serves a purpose of growth and learning opportunity for us to be the best version of us!

God is greater than our heart, and he knows everything.” 1 John 3:20

Before things get out of hands, where you feel overwhelmed, lost, self-doubt sinks in - know thyself, heal thyself.

Part of being the best version of yourself and serving others with your true ability & your potential is knowing yourself!

Knowing how to push yourself, knowing when to push yourself but also knowing when to quit pushing yourself!

Here are some positive outlooks when you know when to let go

- still maintaining a good record of your past & current performance

- still maintain a healthy relationship

- still maintain joy

I use to wait for things to go bad, hoping other party would understand my situation and if things go horribly wrong - escape/ disappear.

This is absolutely not a professional, full of flaw in character, not thinker & certainly a coward person. A person who ain’t a responsible person towards his or her own life!!! Not towards the job but to your own life!!!

Instead of waiting for things to go bad - be aware & take back control

People don’t often what you say or do but one thing for sure, people often remember how you make them feel!!!

So how would you like others to remember you!!

Learn to let go and part of creating greater success!

What are you carrying too much on your plate at this season that is not serving your purpose any longer to help you achieve that is best yet to come!!

This is perhaps you know you have bigger dreams!!!

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