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My First Experience with a Personal Stylist

Personal stylist has never been my plan as an investment for myself!

However, as I scroll on Instagram I found this amazing lady & her - Jenny Nguyen from @welldressedmelbourne and is something that she said really caught my attention and I quote “clothing is not being superficial, but a tool to help us be the best person now!”

I really liked how she perceive fashion & I personally felt resonated with her style too - conventional, classic & elegant!

To be honest, I felt I was a blank piece of canvas ready to learn from Jenny!!! As I have invested in growing my mindset & improving my confidence; sculpting my personal story, personal message, improving internally and I think it is also time to be able to express this externally!!

So there was two very exciting part

- Determine My Style! It was so fun to be able to have clarity to my style - Classic, Elegant, Conventional, Comfy. Jenny even did a colour assessment for me!! This helps me to understand what colours suits my skin tone, enhances my features & bring out my confidences. I got to learn what colours to avoid and I can’t wait to learn how to wear or incorporate those “avoid” colours in the future!

For now, is building a basic capsule!!! and I can’t wait to see how this unfold itself!!

Next week, Jenny and her sister, Kimberly will help me do a full wardrobe clean out!!

I though I’ll also share a little something that I learned today.

“You don’t need to wait to be the right body size or body shape to get a personal stylist. My weight loss journey or the body reshaping program that I’m starting out is to tranform a healthier, fitter & stronger me! We can all feel fabulous in all sizes but what matters most is your well-being! When you have vitality, everything else will glow & grow! This journey is truly a transition to Discover the Best You!”

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