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New Breakthrough as a Pastry Chef

Today is the day I officially return to the workforce - full time as a mum. I'm excited, grateful, overwhelmed and I don't know how would this impact the family life but I'm looking forward putting on my leadership hat & personal development skills.

One thing that I kept reminding myself is just put your head down and work.

And I'm going in at work with an attitude of course to always add value in the workplace but to really find out the struggles of a full time working mum have to deal with family life, specially with a job that is so physically demanding!

I'm also interested to explore the dynamics of leadership particular in hospitality; and one thing I've learned today is executives of a company or bosses of company, when promoting someone into leadership roles, I would highly recommend they invest in a leadership course or personal development course for their employees because as leaders you're here to empower team members, get them excited with the busyness of the company and get the energy up!

I'm so glad that I did How to Coach Yourself to Success with Athentic Education, it really gave me the confidence to apply for this position and be part of a leadership team!

I hope to share my experience and help empower you to be a better leader, make workplace an empowering place for others to grow professional and personally as well!

Let the real training begin to Discover the Best You.

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