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This is a special place where I share my thoughts, my discovery and my learnings, some tips, and advice on entrepreneurship, leadership, self-motivation, financial freedom and more.

Hope it inspires you as much as it has empowered me.


Second Update on My Experience with a Personal Stylist

I needed sometime to digest what had happened after I had my second appointment with Jenny from welldressedmelbourne, a personal stylist from Melbourne. I finally got the chance to meet Kimberly and I just love they way the ladies dress themselves!!! It is just so breathtaking & stunning!!!

What we did on our second appointment with the ladies is a Wardrobe Cleanout! Anything that does not serve me now will have to go!!! As Jenny pulls out the trash bag, the anxiety starts brewing!!!

If memory serves me right, I did a tidy up two years ago. And I have been feeling really lost with style when it comes to having a new identity as a Mum and confuse to how to style myself in my age!! I knew that MOST of my clothes don’t serve me anymore! But when reality hits, it was really overwhelming!!!

After what I felt a quick assessment, My entire wardrobe had only TWO PIECES that were approved!!

My heart was just pounding hard against my chest, thinking that I have to sell and/or donate ALL of my clothes!!!

To be honest, I felt really embarrassed that Jenny & her sister Kimberly had to see this side of me!! I think it was revealing the vulnerable part of me that made this process most overwhelming! I though I was ready to let it all go & start fresh but I was in shock!!

However, instead of given into my own fears of being judged and overthinking the situation. I quickly acknowledge the whole situation and reminded myself - Why I am doing this!!! I did a quick pep-talk to myself & quickly switch my mindset around, from “let me lose weight so I can fit back into my old cloths to let go of control & accept their feedback and keep an open mind!”

Now once I get my head around it, as we sat down & discuss our next move, I am getting excited as we approach the final part of this journey!!!

but before that, is time to make some difficult decisions!!!

Tidy Up

so in the evening, not to procrastinate, I decided to do a full clean up!

I divided into Three section:-

1. sell

2. donate

3. recycle or throw

At the end, here’s a small little section that I decided to give it a try to Find new owners! With some collections, I place them into a bundle & see if I’ll get any luck with it!

Give Thanks!!

Here’s another pile that is time to let go!!

With these items, I use Marie Kondo method - Give thanks to it in our own personal space & let it go!!!

I think once we make the decision, the process would be much easier!!!

Now we have Space & Capacity to Welcome New Opportunities, New Possibilities!

Physically I now have proper space to welcome new things but it is mentally accepting new possibilities too!!

No more hoarding to things that doesn’t serve us anymore!

Feeling More Motivated!!

Somehow this process makes it even more motivating to my own personal weight loss journey! Fitting into better looking clothes has been one of my motivation to motivate myself being active & exercise!! I realise that if I exercise, I would have better body structure, better posture & now I‘m losing fat & building lean muscles, I want to feel confident in my own skin and also the clothes we wear!!!

Remember!! You don’t need to wait to be the right size, the right weight to start transforming!!! All you need to do is decide what you want to become & start transforming now!!!

A huge thank you to Jenny & Kimberly from @welldressedmelbourne!!

Thank you for your non-judgement, humble yet assertive advices!!!

I’m really looking forward what they have install for me on our next and final meetup!

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