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Special Little Gift for My Little Girl

Flash back Oct 2018, it has been months of scrolling on Internet to find a very special bib for my girl! I wanted to get something really special for her.

Among all the designers choices, I was so in love with the quilted pattern, pink Dior Baby Bib.

Now that my girl is 3 years old, looking back at this, brings back so much memory!!

This bib was a really good quality bib! It has been well used & we wash it so many times without any damage to the pattern or fabric!!!

It’s a very light weight bib, with two clip-on buttons & a very tiny pink Dior logo on it!

I also loved that a simple must have baby accessory like this could really dress up the look!

This was also my first purchase from Farfetch. My overall experiences was pleasant & this was a good quality designer brand baby bib too!!

What’s your favourite item from a designer brand that you’ve got for your baby? So share in the comments down below!! I would definitely love to know!!!

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