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Exploring the Wisdom from Within

This is what happens when I start doing reflection

Year after year I'll set New Year's resolutions, goals, create vision boards with good intention but how much of it did I achieve it? Maybe 1% of it!

With this, it came to a point where I was just frustrated with myself, and asking myself why don't I have the courage to pursue my vision!

Then I realised it didn't all go to wasted, it helped me to realise what kind of help, resources that I actually needed!

So in December 2022, while I was thinking for my New Year's resolution for 2023, I decided to work on the fitness part of my health goals. I knew I was always on the flight mode when it comes to exercise but I had this vision in my life where I exercise 3x a week and having the physical fitness, energy, vitality, strength, mobility & flexibility to enjoy hiking, traveling, performing at my best at work, feeling good in my clothing, not suffering from any back pain, I was just strong, lean and fit!

So knowing yourself better turns out it allows you to make a better decision. I decided to get the necessary help or support from my PT to work on my fitness. Working with a PT is definitely more pricey then signing up at a gym member but it allows me to work on taking the necessary and essential progress, improvement or what I like ro call rewiring work that I needed to go through to reinvent myself.

Money is not your excuse!

I started out my fitness goal with little money to spare but because I wanted to make fitness one of my priorities in life, I stick with to it, and make expenses adjustment to fit it in. Classic example of don't wait for perfection, aim for progress!

What turns out to be 3 months plan turns into 6 months and now a year into working with a PT! It was the best decision I have made for my fitness journey.

I am now more confident, I'm no longer afraid of showing up, I have better control of my fears, resistance and having an accountability partner makes a whole lot difference!

So, before you set your New Year's resolution, I would really like to encourage you to do this one thing - reflect!

  1. What is the one thing you'll like to work focus on and achieve?

  2. What worked for you (what didn't)?

  3. What resources helped you grow or make progress?

  4. How did that influence your life?

  5. What surprise you the most this year?

Turns out, reflection empowers you to make better decisions and embrace necessary choices. It might or might not be an expensive choice but the value it brings far outweighs the cost.

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