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Yakitori Bar, Melbourne

I was so excited to finally receive the news the Opening of Yakitori Bar, located at 396, Bay Street Port Melbourne.

Every dish is so fresh, delicious & satisfying!

I’ve got to say, I’m not a beef eater, but this Special sliced beef is so delicious!!!! Exclusively available only at Yakitori Bar, in whole of Australia, which is Imported from Japan!!!! So tender, juicy, and just melted in your mouth!

Scallop Foie Gras

Chicken Wing | Chicken Oyster | Specials: Wagyu

Panko Oyster | Special: Wagyu Slice | Pork - Berkshire Aged Belly

Salmon Capers | Octopus Rice “Taco Meshi” | Desserts: Mr Lemon 🍋

I went with a friend and both of us had 10 dishes, and we spend $175.

I personal mark this as a celebration:-

🥂 starting my new part time job

🥂 my friend starting her new research job

🥂 the achievements I have accomplished with My biz & Lifestyle Coach, Fideliz Cruz!

🥂 the completion and launch of my Website

🥂 Clarity, Confidence & Boldness

🥂 Embracing the Identity Being Lifestyle Coach! 🥳

🥂 the Vision that we have in life!!!

The perfect place to celebrate life with good food, good accompany & dreams in life!

I’ve yet to try the comforting Ramen & I look forward to return to try it!!!!

You can now also make a reservation at

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