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Yakitori Bar’s Signature Menu

This was a very spontaneous move! Finding myself finish work at 7pm, and it was perfect timing to enjoy the evening. I also wanted a space to continue to work on Sixteen Ramos’s Master Story Telling Workbooks, so I decided to pop over to my favourite place - Yakitori Bar at Port Melbourne & make the brave decision to try out the Signature Menu $88.

I was very nervous with the beef, as I am not a beef eater. However, having pasted very pleasant experiences, I felt I was very open & embracing this set of very delicious beef & raw fish!!

What can I say! It was perfect!!

I was slightly nervous with Blue Cheese chawamushi but very excited with the Truffle Oil!! This was out of this world!!! I really enjoy this very much!!

Mentaiko onigiri was really the one that made me decide to embrace this menu. I love this!!! I have missed this very much!!!

Follow by Wagyu sushi with Uni & this was a very unique combo!! I felt like it was the perfect combo from land to sea!!! It was just so sweet and soft!!! The flavour is so good too! It was always wonderful to have complementary Otoro sushi!! It was just so devine!!!

Chef’s 3 Yakitori choice and I was very excited to see what they would pick! Chicken skin, chicken heart & chicken osyter!

I have never tried chicken heart ever. I was very nervous, but it tasted just like chicken meat, but it has got more firmer texture! not chewy at all, it was very easy to eat!! The Flavour was great too!!!

and I was very excited to get a mini version of the very delicious ramen!!

Perfect ending with a very delicious matcha monaka dessert with hot green tea!! I felt like I was embracing the culture of Yakitori Bar, where traditionally working men would finish their work and head to one of these eatery to drink a beer, have yakitori before having a ramen! I felt like my energy is back & I’m ready to face tomorrow’s challenge with positivity & full energy!!!

thank you for the beautiful meal & the pleasant service as always!!!

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