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Collab with Lynnette 

I'm on a Mission to Create Millionaires from Home, with Time and Financial Freedom, 

with Empowerment, Purpose and Fulfillment. 

Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship

I think that there are five phrases in life.  

1. You might first feel lose, lack of motivation and aimless. 

2. You might feel trapped at your current job, business, or current situation. 

3. You might be at a comfort stage of your life with your job, finance, health and life.

4. An enriching life where you desire to keep having better quality of life, where your income is above your quality standards of living.   

5. Freedom and Extraordinary Life where you have a complete peace of mind and you are living the life that you design. 


However, at any point in your life that you might be in now, you might feel like you're at a bottle neck stage, trying to figure things out by yourself on how to pivot and how to bring your life it to the next level. 

I know this because it was what I felt back in July 2019. 


The good news is no matter where you're at, opportunity is around you and I'm here to share with you how you can bring your life to the next level, to create an extraordinary life for yourself filled with abundances, wealth, health, youth, joy, purpose and fulfillment. 

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Learn How to Start, Build and Grow an Online Business Flexibly and Fun 

Not all business opportunities are the same. 

I help entrepreneurs at heart start and turn a side-hustle into a successful 6-figure income business from home.

Unlike traditional business, I call this a lifestyle business that serves you in all areas of your life. 


Risk Free 

Unlike traditional business with large capital entry, a low-cost business with flexibility and scalability! 



Lifestyle Freedom: Setting your own hours and living life on your terms



We teach the 2-system method to help you get started, plus unlimited training, resources and support to help you build your dream business



Uncapped income: A big reason why many people are seeing it as the smart alternative to their 9-5 job



Personal coaching from Lynnette to give you the confidences, breakthrough all fears and unlimiting self-belief, to show up for your business and move forward to design the life you love!  

Find out more when you come down to our events


Every Tuesday,

12pm AEST 

The world's leading community for entrepreneur at heart who wants more in life 

Once registered, our team will contact you with the online workshop details via whatsapp and email.

This is not for you if you are looking for a shortcut to "get rick quick" (and there is no such thing) 

  • I believe in working hard and working smart. 

  • I believe that everyone has infinite possibilities to an extraordinary results for their life. 

  • I believe that when we put in the efforts regardless of our background, experiences or skill, we will get results. 

Who is this for? 

Whether you're a mum who desires to work flexibly on your own terms or a 9-5 employee who desires to build extra income. 

This event is for 

  • You who have the desire to bring your finances to the next level 

  • You who want to learn how to build leverage income  

  • You who want to learn how to build a successful online business 

  • You who wants to have the support on how to build a successful online business 

  • You who wants to try out entrepreneurship without risk   

  • You who want to discover the best version of yourself 

What You'll Learn


Get Clear with Your Goals 

What's Your Why 


The 3-Essential Ingredient to Financial Freedom 


Power of Leverage & Compounding Effect 




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Come join me to learn the system that has helped me to
- work flexibly on my own terms 
- start an online business with no money 
- get paid using my social media 
- grow a highly scalable global online business
- achieve time and financial freedom 
- be empowered to empower others 
- find purpose and fulfillment 


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